Do you offer design and development services?
Can you help with product concept, design, or development?
Do you offer PCBA prototyping services?
Do you offer low-cost manufacturing options?
Does your micro-molding equipment operate in an ISO Class cleanroom?
Where is micro-mold tooling manufactured?
Do you offer prototyping for molding?
Can you recommend any implantable-grade and/or bioresorbable materials?
What materials can you mold?
Do you offer overmolding?
Do you offer extrusions with antimicrobial properties?
Can you extrude lubricious liners or layers?
Can you extrude Tungsten Loaded RO resins?
What’s the thinnest wall you can extrude?
Can you machine and/or grind Nitinol, Ti, Niobium, PEEK, and other plastic parts?
I need components, fast!
What Flux can I use for bonding NiTi to NiTi or NiTi to SS?
What Solder Alloy do I use for my Medical application?
What Solder formats are available?
What Solder Alloys do you offer?
Do you offer any equipment for dispensing and curing?
Do you offer any Cyanoacrylate adhesives with secondary moisture/ambient temperature curing mechanisms?
Do you offer any implant grade adhesives?
Can you recommend materials for my component application?
How can I reduce precious metal content in my material costs?
What are your core competencies for precious metal processing?
Can you manufacture components in various grades of Ti, pure 99.99% Au or Niobium?
What materials can be stamped?
Do you offer Nitinol processing?
What polymers can you ablate?
What is the largest size board for automated dispensing equipment?
What type of automated dispensing valves are available?
How do you manage mixed topography components on a single board?
Are your scopes video and stereo scope capable?
Do I need a computer to capture images?
What is your system’s magnification range?
What types of conformal coat materials do you offer?
What are the advantages of UV cure vs Solvent based conformal coating?
What is the benefit of being solvent-free?
What size boards can you handle for solder rework stations?
What is the smallest and largest component that can be reworked?
Do you have a low or no-VOC Flux Remover?
What ionizer offers the largest coverage area?
Do you offer ESD training?
Are you able to help set up a new ESD area?
What type of solder wick do you offer & in what lengths?
What’s the difference between pump/dispense bottles?
Which printers do you offer stencil rolls for?
What gauge Nitinol wire will your hard wire cutters cut?
What solder alloys do you offer?
What solder formats are available?
Do you offer jetting and micro dispensing paste?
What types of hand soldering stations are available?
What tip temperatures are available for your soldering stations?
What material are your ESD containers made of?
What products are recommended for PCBA handling on the factory floor?
Do you offer custom ESD packaging?
I noticed your corrugated boxes are not shiny like some other brands – what is the difference?
What is most popular work bench configuration?
How can I view a diagram of a bench layout?
What SMT Equipment do you offer?
What differentiates your SMT offerings?
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